20th Mar 2018 You Drive We Sell

At You Drive We Sell, we’ve bought thousands of cars over the last couple of years and seen even more. As with most things, trends start to develop and one of the most interesting of these are the cars that are virtually guaranteed to fetch a better price when selling used than one would expect.

These cars’ consistent higher second hand values are influenced by a couple of things, including (and most importantly) consumer demand, brand equity and status as well as perceived peace of mind motoring. This means that these are the cars you can buy (new or used) and be sure that you will fetch above average prices when you sell it again.

In Pretoria and Johannesburg, where we do 95% of our business it was no surprise that two German brands and a Japanese one took virtually all the first spots. No prizes for guesses who they are.

So here they are, the 13 cars that hold their value best according to our books. We’ve grouped them into their market segments:

1. Budget car: Kia Picanto

The only Korean in the batch proves very popular among young people, older people scaling down and many first time car buyers. We buy every one we can find.

Sell yours now.

2. Small hatchback: VW Polo

The Volkswagen Polo is an evergreen favourite, oozing style, fit and finish that punches above its weight class. Everyone wants one, and they never hang around on showroom floors long.

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3. Midsize hatchback: VW Golf

When style conscious people upgrade their Polo, they inevitably buy a Golf and the second hand market for Golfs has always been great.

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4. Midsize sedan: Corolla Professional / Mazda 3

The first tie in our books is between the Toyota Corolla Professional and the Mazda 3.  Both cars have a strong following and great brand equity among more conservative road users.

Sell yours now.

5. Premium midsize sedan: BMW 3 series

Well, this is no surprise. Despite its German rivals breathing down its neck, the ever popular 3 series pipped them on the finish line. Every upcoming yuppie wants one.

Sell yours now.

6. Luxury car: BMW 5 series

Like its smaller brethren, the 5 series proved too widely held in high esteem to be dethroned by especially the E Class. Buy and sell one with confidence.

Sell yours now.

7. Performance car: VW Golf R

When you need more than GTI, there’s apparently only one way to go: R. Style, polish, poise and performance that gives many a supercar a run for its money.

Sell yours now.

8. Small SUV / Crossover: VW Cross Polo

Even in one of the latest and fastest growing market segments, you just can’t keep Volkswagen down. Polo – just a bit better and butcher.

Sell yours now.

9. Midsize SUV: Toyota Rav4

The car that started the whole “soft roader” phenomenon more than 20 years ago is still the one you want to buy. Because when it comes to selling time, it’s competitors cannot match its reselling value.

Sell yours now.

10. Premium SUV: BMW X3

3 series – Just better and butcher. When upcoming yuppie upgrades his living arrangements to a family, this is where he/she ends up behind the wheel of.

Sell yours now.

11. Large SUV: Toyota Land Cruiser

Ever wonder why this luxury truck – in all its formats for the last 50 years – is found everywhere in Africa? It is the undisputed king, from Sandton to the bush to the desert.

Sell yours now.

12. Double cab bakkie: Toyota Hilux

The best-selling bakkie for decades needs no further explanation. Buy and sell one with supreme confidence. There is always a hungry market.

Sell yours now.

13. Half ton bakkie: Chevrolet Utility / Nissan NP 200

For work or leisure, both these cars are bulletproof choices. Even with Chev leaving the country, there is no doubt that your current Utility will find a new home soon.

Sell yours now.

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  1. Ernie Fourie

    Oh NONSENSE!!! BMW? What a joke!! Everyone still wants my E270cdi Benz, even though it is a 2003 model. Nobody even KNOWS what a 2003 5-Series BMW “looks” like anymore, let alone WANT one!!People still make me offers on my E200 kompressor(facelift) Benz, even though it is a 2001 model. Nobody can remember when last they saw, let alone offered R60k for a 2001 5-Series BMW!!!

  2. Donald

    I think Ernie Fourier is a die hard Merc fan and he brings rivalry here. Check which beemer they said holds its value my guy. What I know is Merc holds its value too just don’t understand why it didn’t make the list. 2007 Merc retails better than 2007 beemer. But they mentioned f30 sir.

  3. Fana

    It IS very suspect that Mercedes is not on the list.
    In my experience, no car holds its value like Mercedes. They seem to be hewn out of granite, they’re that durable.
    BMWs, while undoubtedly exhilarating cars to drive, just can’t compare for durability.

  4. Johan

    I bought a 2008 merc E500 for R83k recently. That was a car that cost close to R1mil when new. That is terrible resale and the first owner lost more than 10% per year. The more expensive Merc’s has terrible resale

  5. Dazz

    Toyota Avanza, selling for 30% above retail. Cant match that should be #1.

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