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Automotive TV series has been a television staple for years, so there are plenty of great car TV shows to choose from when selecting what you consider to be the best car TV shows to watch. If you would describe yourself as a car-fanatic and are in need of some must-watch shows featuring cars, on TV, then this list is for you!

This list of car TV shows is a compilation of all the best car repair shows, the top factual car shows, the best sitcoms featuring cars, and the greatest DIY car shows.

Here’s a list of the top 7 best car shows to watch on TV:



Overhaulin’ is an American automotive reality TV show.

The show’s premise is that an unknowing “mark” — is nominated to be “Overhauled” by his or her family or friends, the “insiders”. The mark’s car, usually an old and tired antique car, is obtained through some ruse. Some common examples included the car being “stolen” by Chris and Chip, a car being misplaced or lost at a mechanic’s shop, or the car being towed away by “police.”

An integral part of the show is the two co-hosts who play tricks on the unsuspecting mark, sometimes acting in roles of insurance adjusters or law enforcement agents, other times helping the insider/s.


Fast N’ Loud:

A motor mastermind and a mechanical prodigy travel to different parts of the country in search of derelict cars and bring them back to life.

Fast N’ Loud is unique in the reality genre since the episodes always incorporate a skit along the theme of the episode. Fast N’ Loud is a reality styled Discovery Channel TV show featuring Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman from the Dallas, Texas-based, Gas Monkey Garage as they search for run-down cars, and with the help of the GMG crew, restore them for profit.  The show was successful in its first season and now in its fifth season has a spin-off show called Misfit Garage.


Top Gear:

Top Gear is a British television series about motor vehicles, primarily cars, and is the most widely watched factual television program in the world.

As part of Top Gear’s format, every episode has contained at least a number of segments involving challenges. In the first few series, these were focused on novelty challenges and stunts that were typically based on absurd premises, such as a bus jumping over motorcycles (as opposed to the more typical scenario of a motorcycle jumping over buses) or a nun driving a monster truck.

However, these later changed into situations in which the presenters were either competing against each other with a car they chose in a series of tests or working together to accomplish a goal, with the tagline “How hard can it be?” becoming a common phrase for the introduction of some of the challenges featured on the program.

Over time,  it has developed a quirky, humorous and sometimes controversial style. Unfortunately, the main hosts Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond are no longer involved in the Top Gear show and started their own car show. Top Gear is now lead by former Friends star, Matt le Blanc.


Counting Cars:

Counting Cars is an American reality television series, shown on History Channel.

The series, which is the third spinoff of Pawn Stars, is filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada, where it chronicles the daily activities at Count’s Kustoms, an automobile restoration and customisation company owned and operated by Danny Koker, who previously appeared as a recurring expert on Pawn Stars. In a format similar to another Pawn Stars spinoff, American Restoration, the series follows Koker and his staff as they restore and modify classic automobiles and motorcycles.


Chasing Classic Cars:

Chasing Classic Cars is a US television documentary series starring Wayne Carini who finds and chases classic cars from all eras, focusing on finding and getting cars running, with the option of restoration and a likely sale.

While the restoration and auction scenes of “Chasing Classic Cars” hold the drama – and occasionally some financial pain for Carini when a project doesn’t earn back its investment, what makes the show unique is his talent for finding cars that haven’t been shown in public for decades.


Pimp My Ride:

Pimp My Ride is a TV show produced by MTV and hosted by rapper Xzibit. Each episode consists of taking one car in poor condition and restoring it, as well as customising it.

This show picks young car owners living in Los Angeles or elsewhere in Southern California. An episode of Pimp My Ride generally begins with the participant showing his or her car off, and convincing MTV that it needs to be “pimped”.  After this segment, the host shows up at the participant’s house, takes a look at the car himself, makes wisecracks about the particular things that are wrong with it, and promises the owner a complete makeover of the vehicle.


The Grand Tour:

The Grand Tour is a British motoring television series, created by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May, and Andy Wilman.

 Including car reviews and timed laps, motoring challenges and races, studio segments, and celebrity guests, with the team using a studio within a large tent during this time; in its first series, the tent was located at different locations across the globe, starting off with South Africa. The show is quirky and full of laughter.


What are some of your favorite car TV shows to watch? Are any of them on our list?


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