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by  | 01 Oct 2020 | TIPS

The car you drive says a lot about your personality. From the make and model to the state of the interior, your car reflects several aspects of your attitude, practicality, and the way you approach life – may it be good or bad.

Not that those LED headlights and bright red paint job aren’t just fun, they’re making a statement about who you are as a person.

Let’s get into the notion of summing you up as a person, based on what you drive and how your car is customised:


Do you have a bright red sports car? You love taking financial risks.

Certain cars are designed to make everyone stare think about flashy sports cars, VERY expensive cars, or anything bright red. While driving this type of car will get you some positive attention from others, it also shows you’re willing to risk getting negative attention as well. Studies have shown that red cars and sports cars are the most likely to be pulled over by police, so by owning one you’re saying that the attention from others and willing to pay thousands of Rands to fix scratches and dents on your car.


Are you driving a three-row minivan? You love a crowd.

It isn’t the convenience, safety, or storage space that makes the minivan the ultimate mom-car (although those help!) but rather the sheer number of kids you can pack into those things. These cars show that you define yourself by your relationship with children and the more kids are in your car, the better you feel about yourself. It tells the world, ‘I’m the carpool mom/dad. I’m valued and important.’


Do you have ultra-bright LED headlights? You put yourself first.

The newest headlights use LED technology to get a brighter glow – several factors brighter than even the “brights” on regular headlights – while using much less power. While this can be a bonus on dark roads, it can also be a safety hazard as they blind other drivers. By using these lights you’re simply saying, “My comfort is more important than your safety” which shows a real lack of empathy and concern for others.


Are you sporting those stick-figure family window stickers? You are family-oriented.

Most safety experts agree: Those popular “this is my family” stickers are straight-up dangerous. They share your family composition, what your kids’ names are, how old they are, their hobbies, and even your dog’s name – all information that criminals can use to target you or your children. Yet despite these warnings, parents continue to display them prominently. But why? It’s a way of establishing your place and declaring your status.


Are you displaying a sports team’s logo? You’re the life of the party.

Identifying yourself publicly with a sports team – whether that’s through a jersey, a hat, or a bumper sticker – is an easy way to feel like you are part of that crowd. Your favourite team is a winner? An underdog? An up-and-coming star? Then, by extension, so are you. People take on the characteristics of their favourite teams.


Do you drive a tricked-out customised bakkie? You may lack confidence.

Contrary to popular belief, confident and self-assured people don’t drive the biggest, flashiest cars; rather, the bigger and more attention-seeking your car is, the less confident you likely feel. They’re compensating for feeling a lack of power somewhere by making up for it in their car. Why else would you have a Monster sticker pack on your car?


Are you driving an SUV? Safety is a top concern for you.

SUVs literally dominate the roads, taking up more space than most cars, and lifting the driver up higher than everyone else. Combine that with the fact that they’re often used to drive children around and you have someone who’s very worried about being safe if they end up in an accident. If you drive an SUV chances are that safety is a top concern for you.


Do you have a political bumper sticker? You’re outspoken and opinionated.

Slapping a political bumper sticker on your car is an easy way to share your political views, but it also shows that you feel like you’re on the outside of mainstream culture – regardless of what party or politician it is supporting. These people derive satisfaction from being “outsiders” or part of a righteous minority, which is why they feel compelled to share it so publicly.


Do you have an exotic car freshener or ornaments hanging from your rear-view mirror? Individuality is very important to you.

There are basically as many car scents as there are people and the one you choose to fill your car with can say something about your personality. Whether you love the outdoors, wish you were on the beach, or if you have a Stay Soft bag in your car, you are focused on your individuality. The same goes for ornaments hanging from your rear-view mirror – they spell out “I’m a creative and fun individual and I want everyone to see it.”


Are we spot-on with your personality based on your car? Let us know.

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