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by  | 29 Oct 2020 | 


Inspired by the recent news that Jaguar Land Rover has filed a lawsuit against a Chinese automaker for blatantly copying the design of the Range Rover Evoque, we decided to pick out a few automotive clones created in the world's most populous state.


Yes, the practice of automotive copycatting is relatively common, where the clone vehicles generally go for a fraction of the price of their respective four-wheeled muses.

Here are five of the worst from recent years...


1. Jiangling T7 vs. Volkswagen Amarok

There's little doubt from which German bakkie the Jiangling T7 draws its styling inspiration. But, despite boasting a bigger engine than the Volkswagen Amarok (before the new V6 arrives, anyway), the T7's 2,8-litre mill makes a paltry 74 kW.


2. Suzhou Eagle Carrie vs. Ferrari California T/Porsche Cayman

Clearly not content copying just one automotive design, Suzhou Eagle created this sports-car, which apes the Ferrari California T at the front and the Porsche Cayman at the rear. Interestingly, it's an all-electric vehicle, with a claimed range of 260 km.


3. Zotye E30 vs. Smart ForTwo

For whatever reason, the basic design of the previous generation Smart ForTwo is pretty popular with automakers, having been copied a fair few times over its lifetime. One of the most blatant, however, is this Zotye E30, which employs an electric powertrain.


4. Geely GE vs. Rolls-Royce Phantom

Can't quite afford a Rolls? Geely has you covered (and has for some time now: this model came out as long ago as 2009). The GE features a chrome grille almost identical to that adorning the Phantom Series II, complete with a knock-off Spirit of Ecstasy ornament.


5. LandWind X7 vs. Range Rover Evoque

View these two vehicles in profile, and you may well struggle to tell them apart. Jiangling, the company behind the Evoque clone, even used a similar font for the badging on the clone's bonnet. And now, it seems, Jaguar Land Rover has had enough…


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