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It’s the beginning of the new year — a time for fresh starts and new projects.

People are planning their New Year’s Resolutions from spending more time with family to joining the local gym.

We all have ways in which we want to improve our lives in the upcoming year. As we look to better our lives and those around us, there is one thing that we often take for granted and may not be thinking about — our vehicle.


Our cars are a part of our family; trusty and true for years on end as we drive to school, work, on vacation and countless trips to shopping centres and grocery stores.

Unfortunately, they need a lot of maintenance to run smoothly. If your car made it through a chaotic 2020, here are some important annual car maintenance tasks to think about for 2021.


As you sit down to come up with your own personal resolutions, we offer 5 New Year’s Resolutions for your vehicle below.

We want your life’s path to be smooth in 2021.


1. Check and Change Your Oil

Part of maintaining a healthy vehicle is checking and changing its oil. Get routine oil changes (or change your oil yourself) and check oil levels frequently (every month). Changing oil regularly is vital; otherwise, you are risking permanent damage to your vehicle.

Make 2021 the year you make the habit of checking your oil level frequently. While some people may recommend checking your oil every second week, once a month will do the trick.

Set a reminder on your phone so you never forget this important car maintenance task.


If you’re not sure what it means to “regularly maintain” your vehicle’s oil level, check your owner’s manual. If you don’t remember the last time you had your oil changed, it’s time to learn how to change your oil and filter.


2. Take Care of Your Tyres

It is obvious when you have a flat tyre. But it could be less obvious when your tires are low, worn, or ready to be replaced. When your tyre is underinflated, your gas mileage goes down and your risk for a flat goes up. When the tire is overinflated, you run the risk of a dangerous blow-out.

It’s time to use your tyre gauge and find out how much air you need to put back in. Gas stations usually fill up your tyres for free. All you need to do is take the time.

If the tread depth is lower than 1.6 millimetres, they are considered to be “legally” worn out.


3. Drive Safely

If you must use your phone on the road, use a hands-free device and don’t take any calls during hazardous driving conditions. Don’t write down notes or look up things on your phone while driving.

Remember how important it is to all parties on the road to stay vigilant and focused. Not focusing on the road can lead to countless dangerous accidents, unwanted scratches and dents that can be fatal and can make your vehicle lose its value.


4. Check Fluids & Follow Maintenance Schedule

Professional maintenance is necessary to keep your car running properly all year. This includes fluid checks and changes, tyre rotations, and general inspections.

Check your owner’s manual for a recommended maintenance schedule. If you lost yours, Google it.


By regularly checking your car’s fluid levels and replacing them as necessary, you can ward off most car repairs.

Oil: check monthly.

Transmission Fluid: check monthly

Coolant (Antifreeze): check twice a year.

Brake Fluid: check every time you change your oil.

Power Steering Fluid: check monthly.

Windshield Wiper Fluid: check monthly.


Set calendar reminders on your phone and make notes of levels. Replacement schedules vary by car, so double check your owner’s manual rather than relying on what your mechanic has to say.


5. Keep the interior fresh

How many times have you told yourself that you’re finally going to clean your vehicle, only to find yourself still looking at the mess weeks later?


Spend an hour and completely clean your car’s interior. Get rid of any garbage, vacuum any dirt and give your upholstery and seats a good clean.

If your vehicle is starting to give off a foul odour, give it a little extra attention or consider dropping it off at the car wash for a good deep clean.


Following all these new years resolutions for your vehicle will work in your favour when wanting to sell your car.

If your car is taken care of – you’ll receive a better price.


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