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by Ellyn Bothma | 23 Jul 2021 | TIPS


When you decide that it is time to sell your current car, for whatever reason, you want the process to go as smoothly and quickly as possible, even if you are not pressed for time.

We have seen so many people make the same kinds of mistakes repeatedly that keep them from achieving their goal, whether it is to get the most money possible for their car or to simply unload it as fast as possible.

Here are the top 7 mistakes, when selling your car, that can easily be avoided by taking a few simple steps and precautions:


Mistake #1: Spending too much on repairs

Making big repairs to your car will allow you to ask for a slightly higher price, but it will never even come close to covering what you spent on the repairs. This is one instance where it is better to just make sure the You Drive We Sell buyer knows about any issues and leave it at that. You can even get a written estimate from a trusted mechanic on needed repair work so that can be considered in negotiations with us.

Remember that we purchase your car in the condition that it is. You don’t need to do a quick car fix.



Mistake #2: Being less than honest about the car’s condition

It is always best to be totally honest about your car’s condition to us. We do have a team of expert car-buyers that are going to do an evaluation. Being honest will keep us open-minded when we purchase your car, making the transaction seamless, fast, and hassle-free.


Mistake #3: Pretending there are other great offers

Avoid trying to make it seem like there are lots of other great offers on your car if there are not.

You Drive We Sell gives you the best price for your car while taking all internal and external factors into consideration like the retail value, service history book, interior and so much more.


Mistake #4: Failing to clean it up

We want to see that you’ve taken good care of your car, and one sure sign we will notice right away is whether or not the car is nice and clean. Your options here include doing as thorough a clean-up as you can yourself or go ahead and pay for professional detailing since the visual impact of a super-clean car does make a big difference in price.



Mistake #5: Not being prepared to show it off

As soon as you submit our online form and say that your car is for sale, you should be ready to show it to us. You may be surprised at how quickly we come to you and purchase your car. (Pssst: it’s within 60 minutes.) If you’re not ready to start showing it, you could easily miss out on a quick sale at a great price.



Mistake #6: Incomplete service/maintenance records

Nothing gives us peace of mind like seeing a full set of records showing the maintenance and repair history of your car. If you are good about keeping records like that, then this will be easy. If you’re not, then you might have to get in touch with the different places you’ve taken your car and ask them to print records for you. This may seem like a pain in the neck, but it is totally worth it.



Mistake #7: Meeting up with potential buyers in un-secure places

Never let strangers come to your house to look at the car. This may seem overly cautious, but it is really just common-sense safety precautions – and there have been some unfortunate attacks on people just trying to sell their car. This is one situation where it is better to be safe than sorry. We practice safe and secure measures. You’ll always see a You Drive We Sell car buyer with a branded car and branded shirt – you’ll also receive a video via What’s App so that you know who to look out for. We don't waste time, make sure that you're safe at all times and take the hassle out of car selling. 



Luckily, we are SERIOUS about buying cars, and that's all that we do. 

-When we purchase your car it is immediately registered in our name. 

-Our prices are based on more than just the retail value and current trade of your car.

-Our car-buying service is completely FREE. No hidden costs. 

-You'll receive payment on-site. 

If you want to sell your car, fill in our online form and we'll assist you.