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by  | 01 Oct 2020 | TIPS

Car trends have been out there since we can remember, and although some are seen as appropriate and “cool” – others really grind your gears.

It’s a pretty great time to enjoy cars. But not everything is completely cool in the automotive world. For every new amazing feature we’re introduced to, there’s something equally as cringe-worthy out there. We have so many trends that have taken over, and many of them require rethinking.

1. Fur on dashboard

2. Family stickers

3. Blue Bulls (rugby) themed

4. Eyelashes on your headlights

5. Large Spoiler

6. Aerial accessories

7. Apple sticker

8. LED lights under your car

Whether you like or dislike these trends, we see them all around us every day – and although they are questionable we won’t judge you – based on your taste, we’ll buy your car anyway!

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